We're Closed... for now...

We're only three days in since our enforced closure of the shop. My daughter and niece have escaped London and headed west to Bath and together we're huddled (not literally) at home, along with Bailey the cocker spaniel... who, by the way, is thrilled at having so many of us here.

The shop is closed for the foreseeable future. On the one day I had to go to the shop to collect some things, Wells was like a ghost town. Thank Heavens. It seems as though the only chance we have of escaping this horror is by heeding the advice of all the medical professionals. 

So during this period of enforced isolation, I'm determinedly trying to improve my capabilities in keeping the website updated (not easy) and keep positive for the future of small businesses, who are the backbone of our society.

As soon as we are allowed to reopen the shop, we will - and we'll celebrate! In the meantime, please stay safe, please support local if and whenever you can, and please remember that one day, hopefully soon, this will be over. 

much love, Kris xx



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