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Now we are in June and we have clarification from Boris that we can re-open our doors from Monday 15th June. I, along with many friends and colleagues who are in the retail business, are so looking forward, (whilst a little anxious), to welcome everyone back in store. We will be restricted on the numbers of people we can have in store at any one time and I hope that everyone will be understanding of that. 

The reality of the situation is we just don't know how it will all work. I've been busy painting some 'narrow' furniture to take to the shop, to replace the large dining table in the middle homewares room, all in an attempt to create a one-way system around each room. The final touches will be completed this weekend when we hope it all comes together and looks great!

Our hand sanitiser stations will be by the front door and by the till area - along with the sneeze screen and arrows on the floor. We will also have a notice politely asking customers to avoid picking items up unnecessarily and to pay by contactless whenever possible. 

Our website has really come into its own over the last few months and for that, we thank you. If you are local and still wish to order online, the click & collect option will continue to be available. 

As for opening hours, this may be subject to change over the coming weeks. We have always been open seven days a week but in the short term, that may not be practical and indeed, depending on the volume of web orders, it may be a case of opening slightly later in order to fulfil those orders prior to the doors being open. If that's the case, we will keep you informed. We will however be open from Wednesday - Saturday until the end of June and then hopefully, from July, we will be back up to full speed and open everyday of the week. 

So looking forward to seeing you!

Kris x


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